Trader Dynamics 1

What Kind Of Trader Are You?



1.Have you found that your trading is bringing unwanted, negative consequences?
2.Have you recently felt guilty over the way you have
3.Do you find you need to trade more just to get the good feeling?
4.Do you find that your personality changes when you trade excessively?
5.Do you find it difficult to take a break from trading, even when part of you knows that this would be best for you?
6.Do you find yourself trading to feel good about yourself?
7.Do you sometimes feel that you cannot control how much you trade?
8.Do you find yourself getting angry when someone close to you questions your trading?
9.Do you find yourself vowing to limit your trading, only to slip back into overtrading?
10.Do you find it difficult to not trade given the opportunity, even when the occasion is not really appropriate?